About Daria

Since the beginning of me I have been inspired by creativity and beauty. Born as one of four girls to a Ukrainian immigrant that came to the United States for freedom and work opportunity. My mother was my inspiration as she had an extreme passion for life. As she eventually became a single mother, my mother taught me how to work hard and have respect for anything I set out to do. Her creative spirit also encouraged me to express my self through my own creative projects which eventually led me to where I am today. 

My past experiences include wedding planning for venues such as "The Spirit of Philadelphia (an inner harbor cruise ship in Philadelphia which offered dinner, dancing and "Broadway like" show). Phillipe On Locust (French Asian Fusion Club) Through planning these events I quickly realized that most event planners saught out  parting gifts to purchase for all of their guests and that is where everything began!  Along with planning these events I worked part time in an upscale boutique in Philadelphia. I learned much about corporate gift giving (large quantity), specialized personalized gifts. I also became familiar with creating relationships with manufacturers and distributers (designers) and artisans that were able to produce large quantities of product for purchase. Eventually I would service clients such as "The National Constitution Center" grand opening dinner Gala July 2003 which included guests such as Peter Jennings, Richard Dreyfus and several dignitaries. (please see custom parting gift photo below)The "Philadelphia Style" magazine's own publisher's wedding, The "Ritz Carlton Philadelphia" corporate gift program, and many many more.....

 In 2003 I had the great pleasure of welcoming my son Jonah into this world. He has also been a great inspiration and has proven to be an asset to my business. With his help we have conquered large events together. 

Over the years I have perfected my creative abilities and have mastered Face Paining for children's parties, corporate and special events. I have also been studying to master fine jewelry making with an inspiration to become a successful jeweler. 

Thank you for chiming into this website.I have combined all of my artistic abilities here to create a fun and resourceful place where you will find everything you are looking for. Consider this a tool for finding the perfect gift for your special someone or special event. In your search here you will discover pre owned items in mint condition and new items to consider.  Thank you!! Enjoy!